Exclusive NTCA Conference Farmbot Monitoring Solutions Offer

Farmbot Monitoring Solutions, a leading provider of remote monitoring solutions for Australian agriculture is providing producers with the ability to remotely control pumps from their phone or computer. Their Pump Control product has been praised by producers and is becoming the popular choice, helping the industry make faster, more efficient and sustainable decisions.  

Powered by +satellite, the Farmbot Pump Control interfaces with the existing pump controller to remotely switch it on/off or automate based on your destination tank level.  

Andrew Coppin, Managing Director, Farmbot Monitoring Solutions said producers can’t be everywhere at once, and in today’s world of high fuel costs and labour shortages, they just don’t have the resources to be. “Producers now have the capability to set automated on/off rules on pumps based on water level. Reducing over pumping by automating the activation of a pump based on water level alerts from a tank, using pressure sensors to stop a pump when it’s reached maximum, choosing a run window whether it’s at peak power control or at certain periods through the day or night, and more. Solar, diesel or electric pumps, producers will be able have far greater remote control over pumps which can then be monitored and managed 24/7 remotely through our web app, MyFarmbot.” 

Bruce Nutt, a sheep and beef producer who has been using the solution said that it is one of the best technology decisions he has made for his farm. “I have trialled every automation technology you can over the last 40 years, and nothing has come close to Farmbot’s pump technology.”

Primary producers can reap the benefits of these solutions with our limited time offer; buy a Pump Control and get the first-year subscription free – saving $456 *saving applies when you purchase a Farmbot Monitor and Pump Control. Valid from 20th March – 12th April 2024.

Contact Farmbot today at 02 9030 4760 or sales@farmbot.com.au.

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