Life Members & Presidents

Life Membership

Life Membership may be awarded to long-standing members of the NTCA who have contributed to the Association positively at Branch and/or Executive level for an extended period, and have contributed in a range of positions or interest areas, or have made a significant contribution to protecting & advancing the interests of members at a regional, NT, national or international level.
Mr John Mackenzie OAM 1989
Mr Ross Mortimer 1992
Mr Ross Mortimer 1992
Mr Bill Prior 2000
Mr Paul Vandeleur 2000
Mr Ross Brunckhorst 2000
Mrs Terry Underwood OAM 2000
Mr Bill Prior 2000
Mr Paul Vandeleur 2000
Mr Ross Brunckhorst 2000
Mrs Terry Underwood OAM 2000
Mr John Dyer 2003
Mr Grant Heaslip 2005
Mr Jim Cooper 2006
Mr Ken Warriner AM 2007
Mr Ian McBean 2008
Mr Wally Braitling 2009
Mr John Underwood AM 2010
Mr David Crombie 2012
Mr Mick Moloney 2012
Mr Malcolm Roberts 2013
Mr Dick Cadzow 2013
Mr Ross Peatling 2014
Mr John Armstrong 2015
Mr Allan Andrews 2017
Mr Roy Chisholm 2018
Ms Tracey Hayes 2018
Mr Jimmy Hayes 2019
Mr Rohan Sullivan 2022
Mrs Val Dyer 2023

The Life Members’ Medal

In carrying out the NTCA’s duty to advance and protect the interests of its members, the association relies on partnerships and long standing relationships with people who may work as staff for the NTCA, in government at Territory or national levels, in commercial, service or finance sectors, internationally in-market support and development, or in other industry and interstate organizations.

Every so often an individual through either perseverance, brilliance, financial contribution or other means make a significant and lasting contribution to the members’ interests.

The Life Members’ Medal allows the Association to recognize and thank such individuals.


Mr Luke Bowen2015
Mr Brian Radunz2016
Mr Shaun Coutts2017
Mr Geoffrey Beere2018
Mr Stephen Ellison2022


Mr Grant Heaslip1984-1987
Mr John Dyer1987-1990
Mr John Underwood AM1990-1993
Mr Ken Warriner AM1993-1996
Mr David Bayly1996-1999
Mr Ross Peatling1999-2002
Mrs Val Dyer2002-2003
Mr John Armstrong2003-2006
Mr Roy Chisholm2006-2009
Mr Rohan Sullivan2009-2012
Mr David Warriner2012-2015
Mr Tom Stockwell2015-2018
Mr Christopher Nott2018-2021
Mr David Connolly2021 – current