Our Priorities

Advancing and protecting the interests of cattle producers in the Northern Territory

The NTCA works closely with all levels of government and industry stakeholders at Territory, national and international levels to protect and promote the interests of its members and works with members through its board to develop sound policy positions.

The NTCA maintains its focus on a number of areas such as:

Underpinning the NTCA’s focus is the recognition of the significant contribution to the Territory and national economy of the NT pastoralists.  The sector currently contributes over $450 million directly to the NT economy, and indirectly contributes in excess of $1 billion.  Northern Territory pastoralists have over $4.5 billion invested in the NT, making it one of the most valuable long-term economic pillars of the Territory’s industries.

The industry directly provides thousands jobs and has contributed to the growth of the Territory for over 150 years.  It continues to increase in size, productivity and efficiency.

NT producers supply cattle to all mainland states and produce quality animals suited for the live export trade to South East Asia, including, on average up to 200,000 head exported to Indonesia and Vietnam annually.