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The Territory Beef Industry

The Territory beef Industry is worth $1.2 billion. It drove much of the NT’s early infrastructure development. It is largely export focused with around 400,000 live animals per year being exported into South-East Asian markets.
The Territory is Australia’s largest exporting region with 40 per cent of total export moving through Darwin Port annually. Indonesia is our largest live export market – each year 26 million Indonesians eat Northern Territory beef.
The beef industry employs 10,000 people directly and indirectly – from cattle producers, to station hands, to truck drivers, to mechanics, to grader drivers, to service station operators, to shop assistants, to butchers, to stock agents, to helicopter pilots, to vets, to environmental scientists, to public servants responsible for monitoring the industry.
Herd That was launched in the Northern Territory as a vital tool for the primary producers and associated supporting companies in the private sector to generate a platform that promotes sound policy and good governance to government from this sector.
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