The workforce involved in the Northern Territory Beef Supply chain is extensive including production operations, logistics service providers, manufacturers of various inputs and ancillary services. The NTCA and its membership is representative of the full supply chain including:

  • Cattle Breeding & Backgrounding Stations
  • Spelling Yards
  • Dipping Yards
  • Export Yards
  • Contract Fencing and Mustering businesses
  • Helicopter Mustering businesses
  • Trucking & Logistics businesses
  • Remote Civil, Construction and Mechanical businesses
  • Feed & Additive Manufacturers
  • Stock and Station Agents
  • Agribusiness banking, insurance, and consulting

In recent years the NTCA has observed difficulties arising regarding workforce particularly attracting skilled workers, availability of training to upskill the workforce and retention of the current workforce. The NTCA is dedicated to the continual improvement of our industry workforce and the promotion of industry growth. We have implemented various initiatives and programs to support these objectives.


The following initiatives are available to all NTCA members. If you would like to discuss any of these opportunities, please ring our office.

  1. Workshops and Professional Development Programs: We conduct regular workshops and professional development programs aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of our members. These initiatives provide valuable learning opportunities and contribute to the professional growth of individuals within the industry.
    • MLA’s Business Edge
    • RFDS Mental Health First Aid Course
    • Indigenous Mental Health – Deadly Thinking
    • Networking & public speaking workshops
    • MLA Livestock Ambassadors
    • Horsemanship school
    • Emergency Animal Disease Preparedness
    • Grundfos Solar Bore Pump Training
    • Black Box Data Driven Decisioning Training
  2. Engagement with the Local Indigenous Workforce: Recognising the importance of reinvigorating indigenous stockmen heritage, we actively engage with the local indigenous workforce. By promoting opportunities and fostering collaboration, we aim to address industry workplace shortages, and employment rates across remote indigenous communities.
  3. Education of future workforce: In order to ensure the future sustainability of our industry, we actively promote job opportunities to high school students. Through targeted outreach programs and educational initiatives, we aim to inspire young individuals to consider careers in the cattle industry.
  4. Collaboration with Government Immigration Services: To address workforce needs and ensure stability, we collaborate closely with government immigration services. This partnership allows us to effectively navigate immigration processes and facilitate the increase of the international workforce within the industry.
  5. Support for Pastoralists: We provide dedicated support to pastoralists by assisting them in obtaining relevant NT WorkSafe documentation. Additionally, our association offers advice on HR services to help pastoralists navigate employment-related challenges and ensure compliance with regulations.

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