2024 Georgina Pastoral Future NTCA Application

The Georgina Pastoral Future NTCA program was first established in 2014 to inspire, empower and support the next generation of leaders within the Northern Territory pastoral industry. This initiative provides an exciting opportunity in allowing the future leaders of the industry to be involved in the planning and decision making within the NTCA today.

The program has been successful in growing the potential of the industry’s youth; capturing new ideas, networking and injecting renewed enthusiasm.

Now approaching its tenth year, the Georgina Pastoral Future NTCA program provides participants with the opportunity to network with current industry leaders, stake-holders and representatives from Territory and Federal Governments. Participation in the program will support the future leaders to establish relationships and the capacity to positively influence individual career aspirations as well as guaranteeing the continuing growth and prosperity of the pastoral industry.

Find more details on applying in the PDF below:

Are you a young person passionate about the NT beef industry and think you have what it takes? What are you waiting for! Applications due by the 29th January 2024, with interviews commencing from the 31st February.

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