Stop! Or Start Your Pump Remotely From Your Phone

With mustering in full swing, time efficiency, visibility of water and resource management is crucial. Remote oversight of water is a requirement, now the ability to have remote control of a pump is a game changer.  

The launch of Farmbot’s Pump Control marks a new era of autonomy and control for water management, enabling automation of pumps based on water level with a simple click from your phone. Extend the lifespan of your pump, reduce wear and tear on your ute, and save countless hours of time by remotely checking water and remotely turning a pump on/off. By reducing the need for physical checks on water tanks and pumps, you can redirect resources to more of the 1% tasks that get forgotten during busy times.

Straight from the horse’s mouth

“It’s been the best product we’ve used out of all of them.” – S Bogle.

The Bogle’s have been one of the first customers to implement Farmbot Pump Control. To set a familiar scene, prior to implementing the solution, their pipeline was too old to use a pressure cutoff, so they monitored the tank with a Farmbot Water Level Monitor, relying on the high and low alert triggers to notify them when water needed to be pumped. When an alert went off they would drive out to the pump to either switch it on or off. As you can imagine, this was a time consuming task and depending on the season would require it to be done every second day in Summer and twice a week in Winter.

Now with Pump Control, the Bogle’s have unmatched convenience. Previously they recall a tank would overflow, or a pipe would leak, with the issue not being flagged until the next water inspection, often going unnoticed for days. The constant stress of hoping that nothing would break led to apprehension and unacceptable risk to the welfare of stock. However Farmbot Water Level Monitors and Pump Control has enabled the Bogle’s to monitor and manage rather than be reactive, filling them with confidence and peace of mind knowing that his water system is running smoothly.

Fed up with spending hours driving to check on your pump?

It is time you enjoyed real-time alerts on water level and the ability to switch pumps on and off from your phone. This level of connectivity and visibility is enhancing decision-making with quick responses.

Give the water management experts at Farmbot a call to discuss your water infrastructure and future plans, we will give advice on the best solution. Call us on 02 9030 4760 or email

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